Lasting VAR should have made a better decision

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Lasting VAR should have made a better decision. Wolves boss Bruno Lach has said VAR should have a better decision. After their team has scored but was ripped off by VAR during the 0-0 draw with Chelsea

The Portuguese chief said “I don’t want to talk about the rules, do I? It’s a good cross. There were two people at the goalpost. After we know that there is VAR We saw Raul [Himenez]’s position, it was very difficult to speak to the players after the game because everyone was talking about it.

“We had this problem a few games ago, we tried to explain to the players playing VAR not to talk about it. They should make a better decision.”

“We can dominate the game. We can create a lot of problems. They had to change their plans. they have to adjust In the first half my players were fine. After that they came with everything.”

“I think it’s fair to one point for everyone. But with the way we start and handball events I think we deserved more.”

“Our identity was to try and do more of what we did in the first half. to dominate the ball and create opportunities