Leading Women Indian Footwear Brands In the Country

The footwear market in India is extremely unorganized with numerous local shoe brands still dominating the market. However, some of the well-known local shoe brands in the country are a favorite among rich, urban and youth segments.


Bata was founded in 1894 by Tomas Bata and is a multinational company today. With its presence in  60 over countries, Bata is one among the oldest shoe manufacturing firm in the world. Bata India Limited, which is a subsidiary of Bata show organization, is the biggest manufacturer and retail in India now. Also, Bata has become one of the outstanding players in the footwear industry and selling in over 1200 stores and with its strong online presence. Some of the major product categories of Bata are:

  •  Men
  • Women
  •   Kids


The company established itself as a leading footwear brand in the country in a short period of time because of its high quality, durability and comfort footwear. All the footwear products are marketed under the brand name of “Aero”. Also, Aero shoes are available in plenty of categories:

  • Casual Shoes For Men,
  • Sports Shoes For Men
  • Boots and Sandals For Men


Liberty Shoes Limited, an Indian multinational company, is based out of Karnal, Haryana. Founded in 1954 and one of the leading global footwear makers today. Currently, Liberty Shoes have operations in over 25 countries. Also the company has a global presence with more than 6000 multi brand outlets with more than 400 outlets. Its shoes are available in a wide range, including:

  •   Men
  •   Women
  • Boys and Girls


Founded in 1975, is one of the key players in footwear industry in India today. The head office is situated in Kerala. Paragon operates with 16 depots across the country. Apart from footwear, The company is also specialized in school bags, tyres and many more. Its various footwear brands include:

  •     Rubber Based
  •     Max And Solea
  •     Walkie And Vertex
  •     Escoute And Slickers
  •     Meriva And Stimulus
  •     Fookids And Para Lite


Founded in 1985 by Moti Lal Daultani in Agra. Valentino brand is owned by GSTPL (Guru Shoes Tech Private Limited), which is able to produce over 700 pairs of shoes daily with its expert and technically sound personnel. GSTP is one of the major player in the footwear industry in the country today. It provides many sorts of footwear, including:

  •    Casuals
  •    Boots
  •   Business shoes
  •    Men’s Semi formals
  •    Men’s Slippers & sandals
  •  Evening wears

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